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Alexander McMillan

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Alexander McMillan Empty Alexander McMillan

Post by Alexander McMillan on Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:35 am

Alexander McMillan
Alexander McMillan Tumblr_m1xbidBJDF1qza89go4_r3_400
Nickname/s: Alex
Age/DOB: 1984
Marital Status: Married
Sexuality: Straight
Play By: Jamie Bamber
Original Character
Occupation: Professor of Criminology
Apartment or House: Jet Luxury Resort, Room 1502.

We are all capable of becoming something monstrous...

Personal: commands attention, cares for students, enjoys mind games, straight-forward in decision making. Stubborn, cynical, melancholy, and can over-expect of people.

McMillan's family arrived in the USA when he was finishing high-school, at the age of 18. Upon arrival, the boy was taunted for his accent and inabilities to understand American customs, relying heavily on the rural Scotland approach to things - devoting a lot of one's self to the good of those around you, and doing what others need done. While this was of great benefit in his small town, it was constantly taken advantage of by his new peers.

Growing up and tackling the fact straight on, he dived into university study at Washington State College, majoring in English and Criminology. In his drive, he sidelined the needs of others unless they had proven themselves to him through deed rather than words - allowing those he became freinds with to see 'him', while others began to notice a strong, commanding presence in the young man.

By the end of his undergraduate studies, he was tutoring first-years in criminology, was in command of his study-group, and at the head of university debating teams and games clubs. Those in his study groups always found him willing to assist in any way - those lagging behind would have hours of extra time devoted to one on one sessions.

This slowly led to his post-graduate studies, and so on, until his Doctorate was achieved, and he won the eventual posting at UNLV for tutoring and teaching Criminology along-side their team.
The UNLV happily pays for Alexander's long-term stay at the Jet Luxury Resort, with the owner's son being on the universities Board of Trustees.

Alexander has a commanding presence when he enters a room. The most common theory behind it is the way he keeps himself aloof from those whom he does not trust in, and keeping his affairs separated
from common knowledge. Despite this, once his trust has been won he is a valuable asset to any friend or high-aiming student. He cares for those he teaches dearly, growing them into exceptional scholars. Alex thoroughly enjoys playing games that require a lot of intellectual thought, and thus in 'mind-games' themselves. The harder a ruse is to notice, the more exciting and thrilling it is to the man. When making decisions, Alex is very straight-forward and will make his choice quickly. Being able to weigh up various options and angles quickly allows him to act as such, however...

Alex is very stubborn indeed. Once he has made a decision, he will stick by it almost viciously until proven wrong (through a particularly long-winded argument/debate...). His teenage years and excess study into the criminal world have left him a little bit cynical about the world and humanity's chances of survival in the long term - he has a strong belief that the majority of human beings are inherently selfish and have the possibility for harm to others. He has high hopes for his students and some of those he cares about, however, of becoming better human beings than the average. He is a little melancholy, a by-product of his aloof nature and cynicism, with the occasional withdrawal into his own space and mind to distance himself from those around him. While this allows for him to remove himself from anything grief-strickening, it can result in an episode of memory-loss and abnormal behaviour. Another by-product is that, should he not know a person well, Alex has set his standards very high. Should someone not meet these standards, and not have a good reason, the young man can become livid.

Alias: Anthony Harrison
Means of Contact/s: PM, text
Other Characters: None (yet... >.O)

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Alexander McMillan Empty Re: Alexander McMillan

Post by Gil Grissom on Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:41 am

Welcome to Sin City, Mr McMillan.
You have been added to a group and are now free to start rp-ing Smile
Gil Grissom
Gil Grissom

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Alexander McMillan Empty Re: Alexander McMillan

Post by Hannah Elizabeth Cullen on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:08 am

Welcome professor... Have a great time...
Hannah Elizabeth Cullen
Hannah Elizabeth Cullen

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Alexander McMillan Empty Re: Alexander McMillan

Post by Sponsored content

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