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Shopping turns working

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Shopping turns working

Post by Hannah Elizabeth Cullen on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:55 pm

Hannah is having break time from being a CSI and decides to visit a mall for do what she has not doing for so long with her sister, shopping. She really miss her times with her older sister for shopping, but since she becomes a CSI she got no time for it. She drives to a mall to shopping alone.

She just examining couples dresses when an ears piecing scream catches her attention. She runs towards the source and find two old ladies screaming towards a box. "What is it ma'am? I'm CSI Hannah Cullen, can I help you?" she asks, "Th... that..." one of the old lady points the box. Hannah took a peek and froze, inside she can finds intestines, heart, and lungs...
Hannah Elizabeth Cullen

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Re: Shopping turns working

Post by Leo Salvatore on Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:08 am

It was Leo's day off and instead of bumming around his apartment, bored out of his skull all day, he'd decided to head to the mall. He wasn't one for shopping, unless it was for his car, but Christmas was coming and he felt he should get his co-workers a small gift. Seeing as he no longer had any family to shop for.

He was in one store, looking at a top he knew his female co-worker had been ogling for some weeks, when he heard the scream. Jogging over, he was just in time to hear what the old lady had said. Flashing his ID, he crouched down by the box to examine the organs. "You, call the store manager to get these people out of here," he told Hannah, not having heard what she'd said about being a CSI. He was already on his phone. "Hi, this is Leo Salvatore, Fire and Rescue. Can you put me through to LVPD? They need to bring some CSIs down to 32100 Las Vegas Blvd South. Yes, the shopping mall. Uh huh. The store's called Charlotte Russe. Yep, I'm staying with the body. Well, organs."

Hanging up he took a deep breath. This is gonna be a long day... Turning to the two ladies that found the box, he asked, "Can you tell me what happened here, please?"
Leo Salvatore

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Re: Shopping turns working

Post by Hannah Elizabeth Cullen on Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:43 am

Hannah rolled her eyes towards Leo. "What? You order me to call the store manager while you call for another CSIs? Well, I can get my tools kit if you want... But you may be right, I'll call the store manager and then I'll go to my car..." she said and runs towards the manager's office.

She came shortly after she got her CSI kit. She took her phone. "Hey this is CSI Hannah Cullen, we got human organs in a box, not sure if there is a rest of this poor man... I'm with Leo Salvatore, fire and rescue... We going to ask questions to the old ladies... Bring another CSIs please..." she said and hung up.

She look at the man besides her. "May I examine the organs now?" she asks jokingly then examine the box before he could answer...
Hannah Elizabeth Cullen

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Re: Shopping turns working

Post by Sponsored content

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