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CSIs on this forum word the graveyard shift, meaning they work at night, unless they're called to an emergency, or work a very tough case that would cause them to work at daytime. You can choose wether your CSI character works from 10 PM - 6.30 AM or from Midnight - 8.00 AM.

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Post by Erin-Rose Ryan on Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:41 pm

Original Character
Susanna Silverman Ashley-ashley-tisdale-775086_642_500
Character's Bio

Name: Susanna Silverman
Played By: Ashley Tisdale
Age/Birthday: 23
Status: up to taker
Job: student (up to taker)
Kids: none
Devout Catholic, a bit shy sometimes and yet self confident, Susanna (Susie) Silverman is Erin-Rose's best friend, maybe the only real friend she has left. The two of them basically grew up together. They lived nearby throughout their childhood and went to the same church.
Same as Erin-Rose, Susanna is a devout catholic, believing in virginity before marriage. She knows what happened to Erin-Rose and is one of the few who stand up for her.

Susie and Erin go to the same university, taken theater classes together. (it's up to the taker whether or not theater is the only thing Susanna studies) They also spend a lot of their spare time together. Susanna tries her best to support her best friend.

The rest is up to the taker.

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Erin-Rose Ryan
Erin-Rose Ryan

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