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CSIs on this forum word the graveyard shift, meaning they work at night, unless they're called to an emergency, or work a very tough case that would cause them to work at daytime. You can choose wether your CSI character works from 10 PM - 6.30 AM or from Midnight - 8.00 AM.

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Andy Wolfe Empty Andy Wolfe

Post by Patrick Sullivan on Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:14 am

Original Character
Andy Wolfe Chris-10
Character's Bio

Name: Andy Wolfe
Played By: Chris Evans
Age/Birthday: 31/June 13th, 1981
Status: dating
Job: LVPD patrol officer
Kids: N/A
Bio/History: Born to hiking guide parents, Andy grew up with love of the outdoors. As a kid, he joined the scouting program, excelling in all that he did with his troop. When older, he earned many merit badges, including ones in communication, rife/shotgun shooting, first aid and wilderness survival. After high school, Andy went to the University of Colorado on a baseball scholarship. It was there that he met Debra Soloman, a member of the university dance team. Upon graduating, the two came back to Las Vegas. Debra got a job as an EMT while Chris joined the police department.

The rest is open
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