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Target || Helena, Anyone

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Target || Helena, Anyone

Post by Maddie DiNozzo on Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:11 am

Las Vegas, or Sin City was full of crooks and villians everywhere but there was one serial killer who preyed on young girls with red hair, Maddie was a red head, this made her an easy target but she was having a normal day while she walked home blissfully unaware of just what about to go down.

Maddie had her Ipod on as she was listenin' to old music that once was part of her childhood and as she listened to the songs, rustling sounds were heard just only metres away from her, she ignored these sounds, shrugging them off as the wind but not knowing just what was in store for her.

Nathan Cho watched her from the bushes, waiting for the perfect time to attack her and kill. As he watched her, he felt the urge to pounce and as he did, he used a stun gun to knock Maddie out to thawrt her from fighting him back, he carried her to his white GMC van, zip tying her hands and feet, before speeding off for Lake Mead where he had killed his other victims.

As Nathan assualted Maddie, knowing that he'd soon murder her, but as the effects of the stun gun wore off, Maddie saw his face, she was struggling to move, when he raised his knife and stabbed her six times on the upper part of her body. He hurt her for hours then he stabbed her one final time before leaving her for certain death.

Can anyone find Maddie before she bleeds to death?
Maddie DiNozzo
Maddie DiNozzo

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Re: Target || Helena, Anyone

Post by Helena Coleman on Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:58 am

It was supposed to be her day off, but as soon as she wanted to leave the Crime Lab last night, she was told that she would be on call.
Just great. And there she wanted to make plans and see if Patrick had some time to spend with her. After all, they didn't really get the chance to meet much after work, since this serial killer was on the loose. In fact, even though Helena was blonde, she still knew that he probably worried about her, whenever she went out of his sight and was on her own out there in the streets of Las Vegas.
A small smile came to her face, as she sat on her couch, thinking about it. The day had gone by pretty quietly, but it was the night she was worrying about. Something told her, that tonight she would have to work. But little did she know, just what case was waiting for her.

"I sure hope the night goes quiet, though... but with that feeling, I doubt it." she thought as she turned the TV back on and switched through the channels.

Helena Coleman
Helena Coleman

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Re: Target || Helena, Anyone

Post by Maddie DiNozzo on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:13 pm

Lying on the concrete floor, Maddie was bleeding heavily and she tried to move but the pain was stopping her, she gasped in agony, not knowing if she would be found or not.

She closed her eyes and thought of happy times to take her mind of the pain but it wasn't exactly helping matters much, she winced as the blood flow got much more serious.

One of her best friends, Kristina Cassadine was worried about Maddie and hadn't seen her since that afternoon, she went to LVPD to try and talk to someone about Maddie and hope that she was ok, while unaware of what had happened to Maddie.
Maddie DiNozzo
Maddie DiNozzo

Age : 34
Posts : 148

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Re: Target || Helena, Anyone

Post by Sponsored content

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